Protect Your Company With Security Awareness Training

Ensure Your Organization Gets Protected With Our Security Awareness Training in Central Pennsylvania.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Training for Employees

The older forms of security awareness training don’t cut it anymore. Your employees are getting targeted and exposed on a daily basis. The ransomware and phishing attacks get more sophisticated every day.

We offer cyber security training programs at Sidium Solutions. We specialize in ensuring your employees understand how your organization can get targeted. They can apply the knowledge they learn during our programs in their daily jobs.

Equip your employees with tailored cyber security awareness training. Get the most comprehension and engagement. They’ll learn how to prevent and recognize cyber threats.

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Prevent Phishing and Ransomware Attacks With Our Training Services

During our training programs, your employees will learn how to prevent ransomware attacks. They’ll undergo simulated cyber attacks.

They’ll have access to a large library of cyber security awareness training. This includes videos and interactive modules.

You’ll get to watch your employees’ performances throughout the program. Explore graphs and stats for phishing and security awareness.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Contact Our Office

Call our office at 1-888-SIDIUM-1 to schedule an on-site visit.

Step Two: We Start Our Program

We’ll create a tailored security awareness training program. It’ll fit your business’s needs and goals.

Step Three: Protect Your Company

Have confidence knowing your organization is safe from phishing and ransomware attacks.

Why Partner With Sidium Solutions?

Sidium Solutions has been providing central Pennsylvania with expert IT solutions since 2002. We understand that each business is unique. That’s why we create customized plans and strategies to protect businesses.

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Looking for Additional IT Services?

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