Industries We Serve

IT Solutions for Your Specific Needs

While no two businesses are alike, there are shared challenges and concerns that face businesses within the same industry. At Sidium, we’ve spent years working within specific verticals, so we have a deep understanding of what you’re facing, along with the experience and know-how to resolve them.

See how our team supports these industries with managed IT, compliance, and cloud-based computing solutions.


We’ve helped providers, medical offices, and healthcare facilities update their network and infrastructure. Let us help you implement and maintain Electronic Health Records (EHR), adhere to rigorous compliance standards, and provide your staff with the technology they need to offer better care.


Keeping staff in the office and in the field connected is crucial to keeping your construction company profitable. We support the construction industry by designing robust networks and implementing custom software that help teams collaborate and keep projects running smoothly.

Professional Services

Law firms, accountants, and other professional service companies require a safe, secure network to protect financial and personal records. We will help you maintain confidentiality while also meeting governmental guidelines and compliancy standards.


Whether you are a growing startup, SMB, or enterprise business, we offer the IT support you need to run your business. In today’s increasingly mobile workforce, we specialize in setting up and supporting cloud computing systems.


Our experience working with local and state governments as well as school districts gives us insights into the unique challenges facing your IT staff. We can work within your purchasing schedule and project guidelines to help you implement your technology and network upgrades.


We know what it takes to keep a manufacturing facility up and running. From programming computer-controlled machine software to creating a network infrastructure across a manufacturing campus, trust our team to minimize downtime and increase productivity.


Banks and other financial institutions face unique IT challenges, including multilocation networks, strict compliance guidelines, and the need for utmost security and reliability. Our team is experienced solving these challenges for banks of all sizes.


Charities and non-profit organizations are concerned about protecting donor data and providing reliable internet & technology services with limited resources. We work within your budget and schedule to provide the IT support and technology that you need.