Firmware Updates To Help Maintain Critical Infrastructure

With critical infrastructure cyberattacks occurring constantly, it’s becoming a growing concern. Contact Sidium Solutions for help with firmware updates.

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Why Critical Infrastructure Requires Extra Levels of Security

If you run a business or corporation responsible for critical infrastructure (CI) or have multiple workstations, then you might want to consider extra levels of security to prevent cyberattacks from disrupting your systems. CI can include networks, technologies, assets, government functions, or processes essential to the security, health, safety, and well-being of the people.

They are technological systems that provide us with power, emergency services, safe drinking water, and more that we rely on every day, which is why they are called critical infrastructure. Disruptions to CI can have devastating impacts on society, especially when caused by cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise

Previously, the risk of critical infrastructure cyberattacks was thought to be low due to the lack of suitable Internet connections and the complexity of such attacks on administrative operations and control system configurations. However, recently, cyberattacks on critical infrastructures have increased, especially on electric power grids.

For example, in 2019, a group of hackers from North Korea was able to penetrate the largest nuclear power plant in India. Then on October 12, 2020, a hacking group known as RED ECHO affiliated with China was responsible for a massive 2-hour power outage that caused widespread destruction in the state of Maharashtra, which included Mumbai, India’s financial capital.

Let Us Help Protect Your Critical Infrastructure With Firmware Upgrades

Sidium Solutions offers infrastructure firmware updates and hardware maintenance services that can help prevent lost revenue and protect your network from security threats. We use our experience in defensive security management and leverage firmware updates, web filtering, and defensive security not only to protect your data from possible security risks, but also to help safeguard your entire IT infrastructure.

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