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In just seconds, an advanced threat can compromise a company’s endpoint devices – laptops, mobile devices, and the like. Sidium ensures that your organization steers clear of cyber threats across endpoints with our EDR as a service.

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What Is EDR?

As part of the emerging lineup of solutions that claim to detect, investigate, and remediate threats on endpoints is a technology that actually walks the talk. That is EDR, short for Endpoint Discovery and Response.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is also referred to as endpoint detection and threat response (EDTR). It is a cybersecurity technology that detects and investigates suspicious activities and other security incidents on network hosts and endpoints.

It is the solution that records and stores endpoint-system-level behaviors. It also uses various data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system behavior. It also provides contextual information, blocks malicious activity, and remediation suggestions to restore affected systems.

Why Does Your Team Need EDR?

With EDR tools and endpoint security solutions, security teams can anticipate cyber threats better and use the cyber kill chain more effectively with continuous monitoring. They can gain complete visibility into zero-day, polymorphic, and advanced threats. This allows for more effective remediation. In other words, security teams won’t have to wait for a threat to mature to counter it. They can stop it in real-time automatically and efficiently, without overstretching resources.

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How Do EDR Services Work?

  • Collecting network and endpoint data about the disk, memory, traffic, account activity, and logins
  • Providing security teams with activity logs and network files
  • Alerting the security operations center (SOC). It also alerts security analysts of any anomalies or threats in the target environment
  • Assessing the network and endpoint data. This way, security teams can have the telemetry needed to conduct full triage and remediation
  • Performing appropriate remediation tasks. For example, running a script, killing a process, or blocking an application to halt malicious activity

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