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What Is DNS Filtering

DNS filtering is a process of using an API driven DNS security filter to protect your network from malicious threats. By detecting and blocking malicious URLs, you can create flexible policies that keep your employees safe and your data secure.

A DNS security filter can also help improve performance by caching responses and eliminating the need to query multiple sources for information. This results in faster load times and reduced strain on your network.

Basic Types of DNS Filtering

Sidium Solutions offers two basic types of DNS filtering: blacklisting and whitelisting.

  • Blacklisting is a process of using a database of known malicious websites to block access to those URLs. This type of filtering is useful for protecting your network from online threats.
  • Whitelisting is a process of allowing only specific websites or domains to be accessed. This type of filtering is useful for controlling the content that your employees can access.

Proper DNS Management

DNS filtering is an important security measure for businesses. It can help to control the web content that your staff accesses and protect your business from online threats. DNS filtering also helps to improve the speed of your internet connection, as it can block access to websites that are known to be slow or congested.

Proper DNS Management can help businesses of all sizes to improve their online security posture and maintain a fast, reliable internet connection. Sidium Solutions utilizes their years of experience to provide you with the best set of filters to assist your business.

Partner With Sidium Solutions For Your DNS Filtering

When looking for a DNS security filter, be sure to find one that offers a diverse set of options. Sidium Solutions will configure and customize the filtering process to meet the specific needs of our clients.

At Sidium Solutions, we utlitize powerful software that enables you to create custom filters, set up policies, and more. Our DNS security filter is designed to protect your network from malicious threats while providing superior performance.

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