Solution Development

If you are thinking that there has to be a better way to streamline your daily workflow, you’re absolutely right – and Sidium’s development engineers have the answer. By partnering with you to create both custom applications and network solutions, Sidium will help you to design an optimized workspace, allowing you to increase productivity, reduce employee frustration, and reach your sales goals.


Sidium’s development techs can eliminate your frequent headaches by building an application that addresses the exact concerns of your office. From moving data more efficiently between you and your customers to simplifying document management for your HR department, our applications can help your business operate more efficiently.

Our team can even take your application setup to the next level by enabling all of your applications to talk and work together through the use of API (Application Programming Interface) configurations.

Cloud Computing

If your company is curious about how you can leverage the power of the cloud, we’re here to help you identify the best approach for your organization and assist with your migration. You can say goodbye to big upfront investments for servers and other hardware because cloud-based services cost less right from the start and are designed to grow with your business.

Anti-Spam Solutions

Spam can wreak havoc on your network systems, frustrate employees, and put your business at risk for big losses. We’d like to introduce you to SASS!-for-Business. SASS! (Sidium Anti-Spam Service) is our fully customizable spam-filtering gateway service that blocks spam and email-borne viruses before they even reach your email system.

Ask about our free 30-day trial today.


Today’s communications landscape, where data is constantly being shared across devices, leaves businesses more vulnerable than ever before to security threats. Thanks to our background in defensive security management and experience leveraging antivirus and web filtering software, Sidium can protect not only your data but your entire IT infrastructure from possible risks.

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